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    Raymond Magee, NTEU Chapter 226, USDA FNA

    “The Food and Nutrition Consumer Services works to end hunger and obesity through the administration of 15 federal nutrition assistance programs which include WIC, SNAP, School Lunch, and the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations. Throughout the year we educate our employees using observances to expose our staff to diverse cultural backgrounds. As part of Black History Month we were fortunate to engage 2Deep for an Observance event. Aptly titled the FNCS Poetry Hour, 2Deep blew our agency away with her virtuoso talent and raw emotion. We were triply blessed when she brought 2 additional phenomenal friends who were both respectively the filling and then the icing on the cake. We have never had an equivalent program in our Agency’s history and the entire Agency is still buzzing from such an impressive collection of poets who were gracious enough to make us laugh, cry, and think reflectively. This is the first time we’ve ever had a program of this high caliber but hopefully 2Deep will not make it our last.”
  • abisola2

    Abisola Kusimo, NSBE Terror Zone Coordinator for the Region II Executive Board

    “2Deep is an amazing poet, incredible host, and remarkable friend. In 2013, I invited her to lead a workshop titled “Utilizing Your Voice: Spoken Word” at a 60-person National Society of Black Engineers Conference that I organized as a member of the Region II Executive Board. Needless to say, 2Deep had the most popular workshop with an engaged audience that left feeling inspired to find their unique voices. I am honored to have been able to share the stage countless times with such a talented professional. 2Deep does not disappoint!”
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    Tamara Barnes, CEO of Sensual Desires

    “Hosting a classy, lingerie fashion show is far from easy. We knew we needed a DIVA to keep the crowd laughing, hyped and intrigued! 2Deep was that “DIVA”! She gave us exactly what we needed and so much more. The crowd loved her sass, jokes and persona! We can’t wait to hire her for the next show! She did a great job.”
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    Staysha Cunningham

    “I first saw TwoDeep perform at BusBoys and Poets in DC; her performance was so authentic and captivating it drew me in and I was made a fan of hers. I always spoke about how great her performance was to my friends and imagine my SURPRISE when TwoDeep showed up at my baby shower. Oh My God, I was completely shocked and excited. She recited a few poems and wrote a special poem just for me as I welcomed my baby boy. She went above and beyond when she presented me with her custom made earrings… the most special piece was an earring of my ultrasound picture. It literally made me cry. Tears of joy of course. I say all this to say TwoDeep is an amazing artist, her wisdom comes across in her poetry and she delivers it in a way that will touch your soul. Her presence made my day extra special and I am thankful.”
  • tedxumd

    Joshua Land, TEDX UMD Coordinator

    “2Deep served as an outstanding host for the 2015 TEDxUMD Conference. The TEDx Club at the University of Maryland, College Park reached out to 2Deep to bring passion and energy to the stage at the Riggs Alumni Center. 2Deep exceeded our expectations and truly embodied the spirit of TED as she engaged the audience with her personality. Event before the event, she worked diligently to nail down the pronunciation of every speaker name. 2Deep kicked off the event with powerful spoken word that instantly drew the audience in. She facilitated the transition between speakers by reflecting on and connecting with the speaker’s messages, which manifested as a very fluid and natural progression of the conference. A great listener, 2Deep responded to the desires of the TEDx Club as the event progressed to refine the experience. She worked with the event coordinators to ensure that her introductions of speakers matched their respective biographies. Furthermore, 2Deep responded to event issues beyond her control with a calm attitude and effective improvisation. With a time constraint at the end of the conference, she worked with event coordinators to end the conference in a professional and punctual manner. 2Deep was a fundamental part of the realization of the 2015 TEDxUMD Conference. “
  • Livingclassroom

    Monique Schmidt, Education Department, Living Classrooms NCR

    “2Deep’s talent is only surpassed by her compassion which shines through her warm and humorous personality. She worked with numerous groups of our students at various venues and, while doing so, created an atmosphere which generated success and laughter. She knows her craft extremely well and is inspirational when speaking about it. 2Deep engaged our students and helped them grow and appreciate themselves while learning new and sometimes challenging material. We genuinely look forward to working with 2Deep again as our experiences with her have been phenomenal.”
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    Michelle Swiger, Freshman Service Experience Coordinator, American University

    “American University’s Freshman Service Experience was honored to have 2Deep back at AU again. She is an amazing poetess who inspired our students to deepen their appreciation of the arts. Her poems were not only inspiring for their artistic value, but also for their ties to social justice themes. And she offered our students relevant life advice, She fostered an open environment that allowed our students to share their views, and for that we are grateful. We would like to thank her for coming to AU and we are looking forward to her coming back to welcome another group of incoming students next year!”
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    Courtney Garner

    “It was an honor and privilege to have 2Deep perform at my friend’s baby shower.  As one of the shower hosts, I booked her as a surprise guest for my expecting friend who is a 2Deep fan!!  2Deep went above and beyond our expectations by writing poems tailored for the occasion as well as creating beautiful jewelry for my friend.  One of those jewelry items included a pair of earrings that displayed a picture of my friend’s sonogram photo.  This expression of love brought my friend to tears and she has cherished them dearly.  2Deep epitomizes excellence, grace and talent and is one of the poetic jewels of the DMV.”
  • Terry Tracey TYP 548

    Terry Barnes, Groom

    “I’d only known 2Deep the Poetess for a short period of time before asking her to create something for our wedding but I knew that in order for the day to be perfect she needed to drop one of her extraordinary out of this world poems. Sitting with us for a few one on one sessions she was able to figure out what sparked our hearts and what personal notes to add that would make the poem uniquely us. She spoke such classic lines as “Love is knowing that she will NEVER be on time yet knowing you would wait an eternity for her to get ready just for her to see a fraction of the beauty that you see” and “Love is the Contra to Call of Duty…Classic”.  The audience, filled with family members and loved ones, erupted with laughter after each hard hitting line because the words described our relationship so well. We tried to be romantic and write our own vows but in the end we accepted her poem as our official vows and they sit prominently in our living room for all to see.”
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    Don Michael Mendoza, Executive Artistic Director of La-Ti-Do DC/NYC

    “2Deep is an absolute wonder to work with. Her material filled with true image and emotion along with being real and entertaining. Each feature she’s done at La-Ti-Do has brought more artistic depth every time she came back.”