The date is April 21, 2016 at 2:15 AM EST. I have not been to sleep. I have had more things get in my way than I care to acknowledge but today I said I would work until I collapsed to get this website closer to a launch. If you remember I was planning to launch this 21 days ago on April 1st. Jokes was definitely on me this time. But with every delay I am growing stronger. I am learning just how much I want to succeed that a simply delay will not slow me down or detour my ambition.

After a trip to Atlanta and Alabama, Alumni Weekend, and surprising my goddaughter with tickets to the Justin Bieber concert, stressing over my day prison’s situation…. I learned that the only constant in life is change. Cliche? I know. But it is true. Nothing I planned happened this month. And the funny thing is I am slightly okay with that. I am learning that things come in their own time, whatever that means. I am learning that it gets better when I have time to sit back and reflect rater than rushing to produce a product. Yes, I would have loved to actually participate in 30/30 this year, but April is not the only month that I can write a poem a day in and feel as if I achieved something.


I am a perfectionist and I know how I want things. And when it comes to my Nerds and overall supporters I just know that I want to put out the best product I can muster to show ho much I appreciate you all. So no, I did not get everything out when I wanted. No, I don’t think I am finished. However, I am proud of what I have produced and there is always room to improve. I just hope that you all see the time and love that I have placed into this website and will know that more changes are coming as time permits itself.


I hope that you can join my Nerd VIP section and get some exclusive access to me. I want to get closer to my supporters and make sure that I make myself accessible to you as I grow as a person and a performer. So, from the bottom of my heart….THANK YOU for supporting me all of these years. Who knew ten years ago that I would still be in the game? But I have enjoyed the road and wouldn’t change it for anything and that is thanks to all of you. I have the best and most loyal fans in the entire world.

May You Be Blessed for Being a Blessing To Me!!!

*Mic Drop