I decided that today, April Fool’s Day 2016, would be the day I make a huge attempt at launching my poetry website. Now, don’t get me wrong I’ve had another website for the past 8 years but as I mature my website needs to represent my growth.

I’ve been 2Deep the Poetess for years, but now it is time for me to introduce the world to Ms. 2Deep. Who is Ms. 2Deep, you ask?

Well, I am still very much the passionate poet that hit the scene in 2006. I’ve been on hiatus for a few years because I was busy experiencing life but now I’m back. I also want to step up how I interact with my supporters. I want to take it to the next level.

I thought long and hard of what I wanted my supporters to be called. After much thought I thought that my supporters should be an extension and reflection of who I am. Thus…. NERDS was so obvious. I have always been the smoothest nerd I know. Research turns me on and trivia is like foreplay. lol. I am a regular Sapiosexual and I would love for my supporters to be the same.

As I thought of this website, even now as I am sitting here late at night typing this post, I wanted to make sure that I set up a schedule for my supporters to be able to reach me and for me to give back to them. Without them I am nothing. So cliche but so honest! I wouldn’t have sold out shows over the past 10 years on a consistent basis if it were not for them lining up to buy tickets. So I wanted this website to be a way to give back just as much as they give to me. So to all of my Nerds….welcome home.

With that being said….make yourself comfortable as I continue to remodel and bring one of my dreams to life.

Thank you…and may you be blessed tenfold for being a blessing to others!


Ms. Deep If You’re Nasty….the joke was there so I took it.